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Custom Drum Tracks

Great sounding drum tracks…
Custom designed for your music - delivered in a timely manner - and at an affordable price!

Are you a singer/songwriter or producer who is in need of real drums for your songs instead of unimaginative, repetitive parts from drum machines, programmed loops or samples? Drum libraries, loops and samples can sound unemotional and generic, while also being very time consuming to program. Wouldn’t you rather have great sounding live drum tracks that are written and recorded specifically for your music?

Well… you can now have the professional, real drum tracks that you desire! I’m currently providing original custom drum tracks that are composed exclusively for your music, recorded at my professional home studio and delivered to you through file transfers at a price you can afford!

Almost every style or genre of music will benefit from the emotion, imagination, and feel that a real drummer can bring to the session. I can deliver great sounding tracks in a wide range of styles and genres, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a commercial studio and/or engineer.

“My goal is to provide you, the artist and/or producer, with a great collaborative experience by offering you an affordable alternative to the high cost of studio time, engineer fees, equipment rental/cartage, and other related expenses. I assure you that I will work with your schedule and your budget, and that you will be pleased with the tracks you receive. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!” - Rodney

The Process / How It Works

Step 1: Establish contact with me by sending an email to rodney@rodneyballard.com with an MP3 version of your song(s) and a description of your project. Include specific ideas involving your vision, sound, style, comparisons to other music, song sections, when and where you would like fills, and so on. Communicate anything you can think of to give me the best idea on what you would like me to create.

Step 2: I will listen to your song(s) and review the information you submitted. I will contact you either by phone or e-mail within 24 hours to discuss the project in detail, quote a fee and set a time frame for the recording.

Step 3: Once we have agreed on a budget and the conditions of the recording, the project will begin. At this time, it will be necessary for you to authorize a payment of 50% of the agreed fee via PayPal. PayPal is an easy, secure way to complete transactions over the internet. All major credit cards as well as direct bank account transfers are accepted through PayPal. If you are unfamiliar with their service, you can visit their website: www.paypal.com.

Step 4: Upload the actual audio files to which I will play. The files can be in MP3, .WAV or .AIFF formats. If you are sending a song with “scratch drums” that I will be emulating or replacing, it is best to send me a version with and without drums. Please make sure that your audio files are locked to the internal grid of your DAW software, and that each audio file reflects the very beginning of the session. If possible, please include a click track count off with at least one of your audio files that begins at least two bars before the music. This will make it much easier for me to line things up in my software if necessary.

Step 5: After I complete the drum tracks for your song(s), I will send you an MP3 rough mix for your approval. If you would like for me to change anything, you will have a chance to make suggestions and clarify your vision and receive another version. Once you are completely satisfied with my work, you will authorize a payment for the remaining 50% of the agreed fee. Once I receive the full payment, I will send you the drum tracks as separate audio files so that you may process them and mix them as you wish. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


For more information on Custom Drum Tracks, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact me directly at: rodney@rodneyballard.com. I look forward to making some great music with you!


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